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ThaiGer Thai Sticks

Welcome to ThaiGer Thai Sticks

All of our products are manufactured using 3D printers making each piece one of a kind. We manufacture our parts using a number of different types of PLA (a biodegradable and bio-active thermoplastic derived from renewable resources) plastics some of which are up to 30% wood, color changing, even colors reactive to temperature changes! 

Designed and manufactured in California

All of our molds, packers, and accessories are designed and 3D printed in California. We pride ourselves in supporting local communities, companies, and economy as much as possible. We aim to work with, promote, and sell only the best!

ThaiGer Thai Sticks x OrganitipS

Color Options

We offer all our molds in a variety of colors!

Quality through testing

We're constantly testing and improving our designs and methodology

Product Variety

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