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ThaiGer Thai Stick Skewers

ThaiGer Thai Sticks

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Our skewers are made to last, we offer both wood and metal for those looking for something a bit thinner. We highly recommend the metal skewers as their thinner diameter makes for a much smoother pull. Less air flow means a cooler hit and longer burn time. Paired with an OrganitipS your hits will be as smooth as can be. 

  • Wood skewers are ~2.5mm x 132mm, our 50 pack will come sized ~2.5mm x 150mm.
  • Metal skewers are ~1.5mm x 132mm, we also offer our metal skewers in an XL size for use with our XL molds which will come sized ~1.5mm x ~175mm. 
  • Photo's are for reference only, wood and metal skewers are sold individually not as a bunch, please let us know if you have any questions.